Fashion Artwork

Vintage fashion artwork has a certain vogue timelessness that provokes daydreams of an era when people wore something besides destroyed jeans and yoga pants (with no intention of actually doing yoga). So we’ve built a gallery of art with fashion as the focus.

If you own a shop, let us know if you would like to buy artwork or sell art on consignment in your store. Selling artwork on consignment is a risk-free way to move merchandise without inventory concerns. All our unique artwork is published by our team locally in the booming metropolis of Eagle, Wisconsin. Then we use our pudgy little fingers to meticulously frame each piece by hand.

As you look through our art samples, just jot down the enormous list of item codes you’re interested in and then contact us for more details. And if you don’t see what you want, you are just too darn picky. Just kidding! Please still call us – there’s much more where this came from and we’re obsessed with making you happy!

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